How it works

Our combination of an App and Hardware Solution result in a convenient user experience

Our service

Charge your car at your neighbors garage if you lack a charger or install one of our chargers and profit.

What makes us different

We are the connection between charging infrastructure providers, energy companies and electric car charging maps.

The App

Search for public chargers as well as our own. Authenticate with our app to start the charging process. Pay and get payed via app.


We will offer chargers with different charging speeds, the base model requires no installation, just plug in and share. If you crave better speeds, you can choose a fast charger.

How to profit

Since we are able to negotiate better contracs with energy providers, you not only charge for less costs, but since you can share your outlet you can sell the power at a profit.

How to get involved

Download our App, optionally get one of our chargers, E-mail us for a counsel.